Chris H. McRoberts, Ph.D.
President Psychological Testing Services, Inc.

Dr. Chris McRoberts is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who founded Psychological Testing Services Inc., a group of associated psychologists specializing in educational, neuropsychological and psychological evaluation of children, adolescents and adults. His group focuses on helping families and allied professionals such as therapists and educational consultants find the most appropriate level of care or most suitable academic environment for a particular student. To facilitate this goal, Dr. McRoberts utilizes a comprehensive array of psychological and cognitive tests which quickly give insight into personality functioning, possible learning problems, mental health issues and behavioral difficulties that are pertinent to the child’s placement.

Dr. McRoberts received Bachelors degrees in psychology and sociology and his doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Brigham Young University. A major focus of his doctoral program was the assessment of mental disorders and cognitive functioning in both children and adults. His training included internships in a variety of settings including the Utah State Prison, the Utah State Hospital, private practice clinics, acute hospital wards, developmental centers and schools. After receiving his Ph.D., Dr. McRoberts served an internship and residency at Valley Mental Health, a large community mental health center with many sites in urban and rural Utah. At Valley Mental Health, Dr. McRoberts initially worked on a Children’s assessment and resource team, evaluating children and adolescents in the custody of the state and children with acute and chronic mental illnesses. He then became the Children’s Team Leader for Tooele County Mental Health where he supervised a multidisciplinary treatment team serving the underprivileged residents of rural Tooele County Utah.

Since starting Psychological Testing Services, Dr. McRoberts has become a recognized expert and supervisor in the field of adolescent testing and evaluation. He and his staff work with students in wilderness programs, public and boarding schools, hospitals, and outpatient and residential treatment centers around the state of Utah and in other parts of the country. Dr. McRoberts supervises a staff of psychologists with specialties in various areas of psychological evaluation including learning disabilities, neuropsychological functioning, substance use problems, autism and mental illness.

Dr. McRoberts is a member of the American Psychological Association and consults regularly with a variety of wilderness and therapeutic programs on clinical issues. Many programs have come to rely on Dr. McRoberts for his objective, insightful and thorough assessments of even the most difficult children. He has a natural ability with adolescents and builds a sense of safety in children that leads them to be self revealing. Dr. McRoberts has long had a love of research and has published several articles regarding the effectiveness of psychotherapy for various types of clients with specific problems and in different settings. However, he is more fond of working with children personally and of his own four children at home. Something had to give as life got busy, so research has been less important and his focus has been on effectively serving the families of his clients and his own wife and family.
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